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The Fairly OddParents

At his school, Timmy is often bullied by Francis, a vicious boy who claims to be the toughest student in school, but reveals to Timmy that he only takes out his anger on him because of his rough home life and abusive parents, proving he is somewhere in-between as a protagonist and an antagonist.

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The anti-fairies are similar to the real ones, but with opposite personalities and character traits.

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Fairly Odd Parents Hentai Pictures

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Then he saw weird looking person and then the man said, Ok Now next up is … Dun dta tada! Timmy thought, Just five more minuets! Of course, any day spent learning under Crocker was an small bit of hell, but today was one that was particularly gruesome; bonus assignments.

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Timmy turner was sitting on his bed when he heard a knock on the door and then saw that there was some one there.

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But again, no one had paid positive attention to her for a while.

Cartoon Porn Fairly Odd Parents

For example, Anti-Cosmo is intelligent and speaks with an English accent while real Cosmo is dim-witted.

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Now, unlike my previous assignments, Im supposed to make this one interesting for you.