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Genoscoper Laboratories is a Finnish DNA diagnostics company specialized in molecular diagnostics of companion animals. The company has developed a ground-breaking testing concept, MyDogDNA, that combines innovative DNA technology and most advanced bioIT, to perform a comprehensive DNA analysis on pets and apply the data through a global online database. The technology uses a comprehensive panel analysis to test for known mutations, and simultaneously records thousands of neutral chromosomal markers that can be used to measure genetic diversity and even locate new mutations associated with other genetic disorders.

Our medium term plans include replicating the unique platform to other companion animals, and developing new applications to advance the utilization of genetic data in the fields of nutrigenomics and pharmacogenetics for predictive, preventive and personalized care.

Recent Releases

May 6th, 2015 -  Finnish DNA diagnostics company, Genoscoper to partner with Mars Veterinary

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Katja Jauni, COO
+358 50 5334 323