Assessing Genetic Diversity in Kromfohrländer - View to a Cross-Breeding Project

Kromfohrländer, a native German breed, is known to have a very limited gene pool and is thus subject to a cross-European breeding project focusing to expand the pool.

New Storage Disease Test for Lagottos

We have received a lot of questions regarding the new storage disease test for Lagottos. The Canine Genetics Research Group at the University of Helsinki has published today information about new testing possibilities within the ongoing study.

MyDogDNA 2.0 - New Content and More Sophisticated Reporting System

A year ago we lived exciting times. The MyDogDNA pilot project, the very first dog's genome-wide panel testing and diversity analysis was about to start later in the Spring. Close to 2000 dogs from 50 breeds participated in the analysis.

MyDogDNA Team at KOIRA2013 in December

Meet Genoscoper Laboratories' MyDogDNA team at Messukeskus!

Event location:
KOIRA2013, Messukeskus Expo and Convention Centre, Helsinki, Finland
December 13th - 15th

MyDogDNA Research Update: Novel Carrier Findings in Lagotto Romagnolo, Papillon, Brazilian Terrier and Danish-Swedish Farmdog breeds

Comprehensive panel testing of genetic mutations known to underlie canine inherited disorders offers an efficient and powerful opportunity to screen for presence of mutations across breeds.

MyDogDNA canine testing service discovers known gene for canine bleeding disorder also in Finnish Hound and Welsh Springer Spaniels

Genoscoper Laboratories, genomics laboratory in Helsinki, Finland, reports today that they have identified the known mutation responsible for a canine bleeding disorder called Canine Factor VII Deficiency (cFVII) in two dog breeds, the Finnish Hound and the Welsh Springer Spaniel.

Genoscoper Laboratories at the Euro Dog Show 2013

Come and meet us in the Geneva Euro Dog Show 2013! Event location: Euro Dog Show 2013, Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland, 30th of August -1st of September.

Genoscoper Laboratories' cat testing services will be transferred to Movet Ltd.

Genoscoper Laboratories will no longer provide test services for feline blood group and DNA analyses from the beginning of September onwards. The company's cat testing services will be transferred to Movet Ltd.

Genoscoper Laboratories' single-gene tests are merged into the new MyDogDNA Pass

With the exception of parentage testing, Genoscoper Laboratories no longer offers canine single-gene tests in other way than as part of its new comprehensive genetic health assessment MyDogDNA PassTM. As communicated previously this change took effect on June 20th.

Dogs’ genome-wide health assessment is now available - Our dog DNA tests can no longer be purchased individually from June 20th onwards

Except for parentage testing, our single-gene dog DNA tests become part of the new MyDogDNA PassTM.