MyDogDNA - Get to Know Your Dog Better

MyDogDNAOur ground-breaking MyDogDNA testing concept makes it possible to simultaneously test several known canine disorders and conformational traits, together with the dog's genome-wide diversity analysis. All dogs tested with MyDogDNA can also purchase as add-on a recognized DNA-profile (ISAG or AKC) that can be used for parentage and pedigree verification.

Test results are reported online in the secured MyDogDNA database. All reporting in the database is real-time, relative, dynamic and interactive. Whenever a new dog is tested, the bioinformatics analyses are recalculated, and statistics and visualizing graphs updated.

MyDogDNA provides a comprehensive genomic analysis collecting data from thousands of markers spread across all chromosomes. This data enables, for the first time, the most holistic utilization of genetic data as a tool to support breeding selections. To efficiently handle the large amount of data generated and utilize it to improve a breed’s genetic health, sophisticated bioinformatics and computational tools are needed. For this purpose, the MyDogDNA database hosts a custom-developed bioinformatics tool named MyDogDNA Breeder. The fundamental idea of the tool is to compare the genomic data between dogs and make suggestions for optimal breeding choices by selecting genetically different partners for breeding while taking tested mutations into account.

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